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Wealth Preservation

Wealth Preservation

Protecting one’s assets is an integral part of wealth management. A key aspect of asset protection is insuring against certain risks. Apexium Insurance Services LP, an affiliate of Apexium Financial LP, was created to meet our clients’ needs for comprehensive and independent wealth preservation and insurance brokerage services. It is common that a particular insurance vehicle provides the solution to an estate planning or asset protection strategy. Through Apexium Insurance Services LP, our clients have access to a wide range of insurance products from dozens of highly rated insurance carriers, that are vital to protect, grow and/or transfer wealth.

Employee and Executive Benefits

• Group life insurance
• Group disability insurance
• Key person
• Buy-sell
• Non-qualified deferred compensation plans
• Split-dollar insurance strategies

Independent Insurance Brokerage and Risk Management Consulting

• Individual life insurance
• Business life insurance
• Long-term and customized disability insurance
• Long-term care insurance
• Life insurance settlements
• Captive insurance companies
• Solutions for athletes and entertainers