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401(k) Plans & Retirement Benefits

401(k) Plans & Retirement Benefits

Apexium Financial LP is available to serve as the investment advisor of your company’s 401(k) or other retirement plan.

We have partnered with several institutional custodians and select third party administrators to offer an open architecture 401(k) recordkeeping platform.

Our platform features affordability, transparency, investment flexibility, on-site education of participants, a high level of customer service, and ease of use. As a Registered Investment Advisor, Apexium Financial LP understands fiduciary requirements and provides guidance to ensure compliance with the new Department of Labor rules. In addition to the administrative counsel, Apexium has access to thousands of investment vehicles for your 401(k), including low cost index funds, no-load mutual funds, and popular target date retirement funds. As the plan’s investment advisor, we work with the plan sponsor (the employer) to tailor a suitable menu of investment options.

Once your plan is established, we create a user-friendly website to facilitate and manage the process. The website allows participants to view and control many aspects of their account, such as:

• Viewing account balances
• Transferring funds
• Requesting distributions
• Changing allocations of existing and/or future contributions
• Viewing educational investment materials